.300 AAC Blackout is coming to Bison Armory

.300 AAC BLACKOUT is coming soon to Bison Amory! The market has spoken, and people want .300 BLK. Look for our own newly designed 8.5″ and 16″ barrels and uppers to arrive in our store over the next couple of months. We will keep you updated here and elsewhere as the inventory rolls in and products become available!

The 8.5″ pistol Blackout barrels will only take a low profile gas block, but there’s no way to run one with a piston anyway. The 16″ pistol gas Blackout barrels are going to have our new CQR close quarters recon profile, with a 1:7 twist. They will be 6-groove, button rifled, and made from 416R stainless. For a hunting gun or tactical rifle that can reach out, nothing compares with 6.8 in the AR-15 platform. But for close in work, the .300 BLK is top notch. Pistol powders give it a lot of oomph from a small powder charge.

.300 AAC Backout is coming to Bison Armory