Bison Armory .224 Valkyrie Barrels Coming Soon!

We’re bringing Bison Armory quality and value to the .224 Valkyrie world with 20″ SPR and 22″ Fulcrum rifle barrels! Barrels are available for pre-order now and should start shipping in March 2018. Upper assemblies will be available when the barrels are in stock. Check here for barrels and here for upper assemblies.

Bison Armory .224 Valkyrie barrels will be available with Stag, JP, and LWRC bolts, and feature the following specs:

1:7 twist button rifling

416R stainless steel

5/8-24 muzzle threads for maximum accuracy

Whitworth Tool (SPR) and BAT Machine (Fulcrum) barrel extensions with M4 feed ramps

Bison Armory Scratch and Dent Sale

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Super prices on some barrels and upper assemblies that we need clear out.

Bison Armory 308 Win Upper Assemblies

Bison Armory is happy to announce that we’re finally making 308 Win upper assemblies! We’re using Aero Precision M5 upper receivers that are 100% compatible with DPMS LR-308 lower receivers. Accuracy is outstanding, and you can pair your 16″, 18″, and 20″ .308 Bison Armory Fulcrum barrel with a standard .308 Bolt and carrier or upgrade to JP Enhanced Bolts and LMOS carriers. Forearms from SLR Rifleworks and Aero Precision complete the upper assemblies.


The complete upper shown weighs in at 6.8 pounds. Here’s my last 10 shot group using my personal recreation of FGMM 168 grain loads

18″ 308 Fulcrum 42 gr H4895

You can check out our new upper assemblies here! 18″ upper assemblies are available now, and 16″ and 20″ will be available soon.










New FULCRUM Barrels!

First & Only from BISON ARMORY

Shop for 18″ .223 Wylde FULCRUM Barrels HERE

Shop for 18″ 6.8 SPC FULCRUM Barrels HERE

.308 WIN FULCRUM Barrels HERE!

FULCRUM barrels are the first barrels for the AR platform that deliver the perfect balance of heavy barrel performance and mid-weight utility. In other words, phenomenal accuracy without all the weight, so you can carry longer and shoot better. A lot better.

Fulcrum Barrel Bison Armory

18″ FULCRUM barrel – First & Only from BISON ARMORY (Click to ENLARGE)


FULCRUM barrels are currently available only in 18” lengths and in .223, 6.8 SPC and .308 Win.

FULCRUM barrels have a larger overall diameter than our mid-weight barrels, but a smaller overall diameter than our heavy barrels. FULCRUMs are the only barrels on the market that are .825 diameter from the gas block to the muzzle, so you must use our proprietary FULCRUM gas blocks for now (more on that below).

Fulcrum Barrel Bison Armory

FULCRUM Barrel and standard gas block (Click to ENLARGE)

The 18” .223 FULCRUM barrel (including barrel extension) weighs 40 oz., which is 2 oz. more than our standard 18” SPR .223 barrel and 6 oz. more than our standard 18” RECON .223 barrel (including extensions).

The 18” 6.8 SPC FULCRUM barrel (including barrel extension) weighs 38 oz., which is 2 oz. more than our standard 18” SPR 6.8 SPC barrel and 6 oz. more than our standard 18” RECON 6.8 SPC barrel (including extensions).

Fulcrum Barrel Bison Armory

Top: Standard 18″ Recon Mid: 18″ FULCRUM Bottom: Standard 18″ SPR (Click to ENLARGE)

All FULCRUM barrels are stress relieved 416R stainless steel and have precision made BAT Machine barrel extensions with M4 feed ramps. They are available now with threaded muzzles, with unthreaded on the way, and in both cases are cut with 11 degree target crowns.

Fulcrum Barrel Bison Armory

Showing BAT Machine barrel extension (Click to ENLARGE)

So what do you get for these few extra ounces? A kick ass barrel. Here’s why:

The FULCRUM’s increased diameter produces a barrel that is stiffer than our mid-weight barrels and has more surface area, both as a result of the larger diameter and the fluting. The increase in surface area produces better heat dissipation and a faster rate of cooling. The underlying increase in thermal mass also means FULCRUMs are less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, which translates to more consistent shooting under all conditions.

The increase in diameter also pushes more mass towards the front of the FULCRUM barrel, which improves the harmonics and increases the overall stability and balance of the shooting platform. The extra mass decreases felt recoil, and its distribution increases the moment of inertia, which reduces angular acceleration for a smooth shot that helps you stay on target.

The preceding are all the reasons why standard heavy barrels shoot so well. The beauty of the FULCRUM is that you get all that performance from a barrel that weighs far less.

All FULCRUM barrels have a .825 diameter gas block journal, which means they will only work with Bison Armory FULCRUM gas blocks. There are no other .825 gas blocks on the market (yet). We didn’t design the barrels this way just to mess with you, we did it because it was the only way to achieve the optimal balance of weight and performance.

Fulcrum Barrel Bison Armory

Standard FULCRUM gas block by Elite Iron (Click to ENLARGE)

FULCRUM standard gas blocks are custom made to our specs by Elite Iron and SLR Rifleworks makes our adjustable blocks. We are very proud to have these outstanding US manufacturers work with us to develop this essential hardware. To learn more about Elite Iron visit their web page HERE and for more information about SLR Rifleworks visit their web page HERE.


Fulcrum Upper 1

18″ Stainless FULCRUM Barrel – Click to ENLARGE


Fulcrum Upper 2

18″ Stainless FULCRUM Barrel – Click to ENLARGE


Fulcrum Upper 3

18″ Stainless FULCRUM Barrel – Click to ENLARGE


Fulcrum Upper 4

18″ Stainless FULCRUM Barrel – Click to ENLARGE


Fulcrum Upper 5

18″ Stainless FULCRUM Barrel – Click to ENLARGE


Fulcrum Upper 6

18″ Stainless FULCRUM Barrel – Click to ENLARGE


Here’s our new Barrel Specification Chart showing how the FULCRUMs fit in

- 2015 BAR SPECS v.3

(Click to ENLARGE)


300 BLACKOUT barrels are available NOW in all new 8.5″ Pistol and 16″ Close Quarters Recon (CQR) profiles. Both are chambered for 300BLK ammunition, with threaded muzzles, pistol length gas, 6 groove / 1:7″ rifling and 416R stainless steel. Upper assemblies based on these barrels are on their way soon! For more pics and info on these barrels visit our product pages HERE.

300 Blackout 8.5 Pistol Barrel 1

300 Blackout Barrel -16 CQR 3

300 Blackout Upper Assembly 8.5 Barrel - 1

New Product! SLR Adjustable Gas Blocks

We now carry SLR Rifleworks Sentry 7 adjustable gas blocks. If you want the best, there is nothing better. This block works with standard gas tubes and features single tool click adjust gas metering, a Nexturn Swiss precision metering screw, titanium leaf spring detent mechanism and 100% lifetime guarantee. These blocks are available with the purchase of any Bison Armory barrel or upper.

SLR Sentry 7 Gas Block

SLR Sentry 7 Gas Block - Profile

AR-15 Barrel Nut Shim Sets are Back!

We are now fully stocked with AR-15 barrel nut shim sets. They work with all AR-15 barrels, including 223, 5.56, 6.8 SPC and 300 BLK. Our shims guarantee you perfect and hassle-free barrel nut / gas tube alignment within the correct torque specs every time. The best 5$ you will ever spend! Check ’em out HERE along with our instructional video.


.300 AAC Blackout is coming to Bison Armory

.300 AAC BLACKOUT is coming soon to Bison Amory! The market has spoken, and people want .300 BLK. Look for our own newly designed 8.5″ and 16″ barrels and uppers to arrive in our store over the next couple of months. We will keep you updated here and elsewhere as the inventory rolls in and products become available!

The 8.5″ pistol Blackout barrels will only take a low profile gas block, but there’s no way to run one with a piston anyway. The 16″ pistol gas Blackout barrels are going to have our new CQR close quarters recon profile, with a 1:7 twist. They will be 6-groove, button rifled, and made from 416R stainless. For a hunting gun or tactical rifle that can reach out, nothing compares with 6.8 in the AR-15 platform. But for close in work, the .300 BLK is top notch. Pistol powders give it a lot of oomph from a small powder charge.

.300 AAC Backout is coming to Bison Armory

200 Grain 6.8 BSP Bullets Arriving Soon

Our import permit has been approved and a fresh batch of 6.8 BSP bullets is now on its way here from Australia. Preorder now through our web-store HERE. We expect to start shipping orders around the end of May.

200gr 6.8 BSP Bullets

200gr 6.8 BSP Bullets

Bison Armory featured in Rifle Firepower

RFP Cover

The July 2014 issue of Rifle Firepower is on newsstands now, and features a “First Shots” article about a father-son project to build a young hunter his first AR in 6.8 SPC for deer-hunting. Central to the build is one of our 16” 6.8 SPC barrels. The article also features a great discussion on the 6.8 Bison Subsonic Platform. Pick up a copy now or check out the preview HERE.